Hi, my name is Avelica Rubio and I just got my full stack developer certificate! I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising. My whole life I did interships in fashion and even got a temp job after college as a Product Order Clerk. But somehow, I ended up working as a customer service IT for a HIPAA compliant email company. Working for a HIPAA complaint email service exposed me such tasks such to whitelisting IP addresses, working with domains/domain registrars, name servers, working within DNS settings on a daily basis to set up records such as MX records, SPF, SRV’s and other miscellaneous records, and/or point name servers and IP addresses to the right direction. I have been exposed on working with Webservices and API’s (mostly RESTful, but sometimes SOAP) which has lead to getting a view on IIS. I am currently half way done with getting my CompTIA A+ Core courses which I will in hopes get my certificate soon. I also took a Google Coursera System Administrator course to help me better understand the position and to be exposed to that career field. My web developer certificate has thought me such languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, different Node libraries, React, etc. Feel free to reach out either via email or phone if you have any questions.